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Why Craftkit?

Craftkit designs bespoke solutions for the post production industry. We created the business to avoid the frustration other suppliers cause when they use generic minimum specifications to provide a solution which can result in overspec’d systems that cost more than needed, or worse, a solution that isn’t right for the job.

Being a supplier that understands the intricacies of post-production workflows, how products are used and what’s important to DITs, Editors, Colourists, Online Editors, or Facility Managers, you can trust that everything we build is custom designed for your exact needs by the creatives that will use the kit.

Our partnership with existing post facilities allows us to trial and test solutions in-house.  We run products through their paces which allow us to sell products based on how they work in a live environment and we only recommend products that our creative contacts would use and love.

Contact Us

Phone:   0207 117 2623